Monday, June 6, 2011

Ted Update!

I swear that more parents ask about Ted's progress than the children's progress. (Don't worry, the children area ALL progressing well)

Today I arrived at school and Ted was looking a bit thin. Well, very thin. But I had made arrangements for Gus Papoutsis (Rowin's dad, Ms. Ling's husband) to pick up some crickets at the pet shop for me (they live near a pet shop, I don't :) Gus was nice enough to pick me up a dozen crickets -- and deliver them to the school. We dumped the crickets onto a branch (oops, some fell in the water). I went upstairs to a lunch meeting -- and when I came down Gus told me that Ted had eaten. He ate a WHOLE cricket! (almost as big as he is!). I missed it. I can only find 8 crickets in the tank now. I'm not sure if they are hiding, or if Ted has eaten again. I'm not sure if I want the children to see Ted eat, or not. Will they think that it is cool or yucky? Well, it's all part of nature. We have discussed that all animals need to eat. And Ted eats bugs. There you go.

Sadly, the crickets sound really pretty in the classroom.

If anyone wants to see Bill (still a big tadpole with growing back legs) or Ted (now a full fledged frog), feel free to come in and see them. The best time to come in is before school starts in the morning (around 8:45) or after school (3:15 until 4:30 pm)(I usually stay until 6, but the caretakers lock the floor up at 4:30 -- so if you'd like to come later, please email me, and I'll let you in!)

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