Saturday, June 11, 2011

Are you tired of Ted yet?

Bill and Ted will be traveling back to their pond on June 18. They need to go home and see all of their friends! We will say goodbye to them on June 17.


Bill has large back legs and his front legs are just starting to grow. It's hard to photograph him because our aquarium now has lots of algae on the sides. Frogs are VERY sensitive, so I can't clean it out. The snails are shirking their duties. Oh those naughty princesses......

If anyone would like some little snails, they would love to come home with you! We have many to share! Please speak to me or send me a note. (I didn't share this information with the children -- I didn't want them to all go home and beg for snails.

Warning #1: if you put one in your home aquarium, you may find yourself with 20 or 30. They can produce young without a mate, although they prefer not to. They can also live in a large jar. You can feed them lettuce.

Warning #2 -- please DO NOT release them into local ponds or rivers. These came from a pond in London, Ontario, and many in the pond were as large as my fist. I suspect that these may not be local and that someone may have let some tropical snails into the pond (although they are hardy and have lived there many winters).

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