Saturday, May 7, 2011

update on our tadpoles and snails

So much has been happening in the aquarium!

Bill and Ted have started growing legs! Unfortunately -- Ted, our big tadpole has one perfect leg and one leg that just seems to end.... The children are waiting for the other toes to appear but I don't think that they will. On the upside, this will lead us to a discussion of "differently abled" animals and people. I worry about Ted's eventual release back into his pond.....

The Princesses (our snails) are doing a great job of keeping the aquarium clean and algae free.

They have many more helpers -- someone has had babies -- we have at least 30 baby snails!


twoacorns said...

Wow, the mossy snail is so beautiful!

Lorenzo Pacheco said...

What kind of algae is that? Did you have Marimo moss ball in your aquarium?