Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rainy Day play

One of my favourite early childhood education blogs is Let the Children Play. One of their recent posts is about playing outside in the rain.
10 things to do outdoors on a rainy day (click the link)
It includes playing with paint; going on a worm hunt; sitting in a tent and listening to the rain (my favourite) ; painting with mud; drawing with chalk on a slope and watching the coloured rivers flow.

I wish that we could spend more time outside!

See this video (it's a long one) about an outside preschool in Norway. (I'm not sure if I could teach outside all day :)

Or you can watch this video by Douglas John -- who also happened to be my (our) ukulele teacher every Friday at lunchtime (at Earl Beatty) for the past few months!
It's called "Do Your Socks Get Soggy? -- and is quite a catchy tune :)

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