Monday, April 11, 2011


We have learned about the many different ways we can move from place to place (this is our list of brainstorming).

Our deeper question is "WHY do we need cars?" (or trains, planes, boats, etc).
The children came up with some good answers -- we're still working on them. We will also talk about "At what cost?" (to the environment).

If you can't read the answers -- some are:
- to go to school
- to go far
- to go to Ottawa
- to get groceries
- so get stuff we can't carry
- to visit my cousins

We have had some fun with wheels too -- we ran cars through some paint and drove them on paper.

(one student was trying to copy what another student did with his car -- the hand to the left is from the student who made the lower painting -- he is trying to explain how he made the yellow curves -- isn't it wonderful to see this kind of teaching and learning?)

We are also experimenting with ramps and different surfaces so see if the texture of a surface affects how far a car can roll.

I love how this all tied in with our visit with Officer John!

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Maureen said...

love this post. what fun exploration. Thank you!!