Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cranes for Kids

(our colour and cut cranes -- they look pretty good, don't they?

We made 38 cranes to send to OshKosh. I explained a bit about the earthquake in Japan (please reiterate to your children that large earthquakes like this won't happen in Toronto). I explained that the ground shook a lot and that lots of people's houses fell down and that everyone had to run outside and lots of people now had to rebuild their homes. And that lots of people (children) had to leave their houses wearing only the clothes on their backs. That the clothing store/company OshKosh was going to send a piece of clothing to a child in Japan for each crane that we made. So that all of the children would have clothes to wear.

["What about the parents?" someone asked. "Other places are sending clothes for adults -- we're helping the children" I said. I hope that someone is sending adult clothes.... I'm sure that they are -- I know of groups sending socks and quilts. Surely the Red Cross sends clothes? Anyway -- I diverted the focus back to the children that we ARE helping.]

Each child who was at school (in our class -- a.m. and p.m. ) on Friday made at least one crane (and THANK YOU Teagan for making 3!). All of the ones that we made were sent off -- without anyone insisting that they take it home themselves! (I have more cranes for them to colour and cut this week if they want to make one for themselves).

A special thank you to Sheila Philcox who helped our morning class -- and folded an origami crane for each child to take home -- while she was supervising the groups of 5 children at a time! She was even able to be patient enough to help 2 students fold their own! (cranes are hard!)
And thank you to Ms. B -- our Student Teacher / helper in the pm class!

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