Monday, February 28, 2011

Math Monday - Number Sense and Numeration

Each Monday I will explain a different math "strand" and some activities that parents can do with their children at home to support the strands. (This is a duplicate of what was posted last year, if it sounds familiar).

There are 5 Basic Strands in Mathematics
1. Number Sense and Numeration
2. Measurement
3. Geometry and Spatial Sense
4. Patterning and Algebra
5. Data Management and Probability

Number Sense and Numeration

Number is a property of sets that indicates how many elements are in a set. Number can be represented through objects, pictures, graphs, or symbols (such as words or numerals) Numeration refers to the use of numerals to represent numbers. When we say the a child has good number sense, we mean that the child possesses varied abilities and understanding that have gradually developed: an awareness of the relationships between numbers, an ability to represent each number in several ways, a knowledge of the effects of operations and an ability to interpret and use numbers in the real world.

In Kindergarten, number sense evolves from the total classroom experience and through specific activities. If we want children to develop a solid understanding of numerical concepts, we must call attention to ways numbers are used in everyday life, provide opportunities for children to explore number relationships with different objects, and encourage conversations about these concepts.

Counting skills are an important component of the development of number. Counting on, counting back, and skip counting indicate advances in children’s development of number ideas. However, counting is only one indicator of children’s understanding of numbers.

Some ways to develop number sense and numeration at home:

- Talk about numbers that you see outside of the home such as on houses or as prices in the grocery store

- Play commercial games such as Snakes and Ladders or Dominoes that reinforce recognition of numbers.

- Make your own board game!

- Practice printing numbers (use crayons, markers, paint, draw in the sand etc)

- How many letters are in your name? How many letters are in that word?

- How many carrots are on your plate?

- make your own "flash" cards or a number matching memory game

- don't forget to talk about 0 (zero)


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