Monday, February 21, 2011

How The Gimquat Found her Song

(sorry for the late post -- the material isn't posting when it should be.... technical difficulties....)

We had lots of fun on the school bus (as expected). I have to say how proud I was of all of the children. They were so well behaved on the bus! And when we left the bus to go into Roy Thompson Hall, they all held their partner's hands and stayed with their parent supervisor. Then they sat quietly (talking quietly) and waited for the symphony to begin. When it began, most children were very attentive, and the ones who were a bit bored (yes, a few were -- it was an hour long!) also sat quietly. This was a very successful trip!

A few days later I asked the children to draw and write about what their favorite part of the play was -- most of them said either when the Gimquat sang really badly, or when she finally found her song (she turned into a loon).

(please click on the photos to make them larger -- it REALLY is worth it!)

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