Saturday, March 27, 2010

Neighbourhood in Progress!

Thank you for the boxes! We have painted our houses and then added some dors and windows. We can now use them in the classroom as a neighbourhood and do some imaginative play with them using cars and people. We are still adding some towers and some smaller buildings, if the students wish to make another one.We talked all about "shelters" and why we need shelters (to keep us warm and dry and to keep the wind out were some answers that the students came up with themselves). We talked about all of the places that we could live (houses, apartments, snow houses, tents, and, sadly, cars and cardboard boxes).
We will be discussing our "needs" (food, clothing, shelter, and "wants" (toys, tv, etc). We are also talking about our own neighbourhood/community!


BFine said...

They look wonderful. Some even remind me of canal houses in Amsterdam. I especially appreciate that you are sharing the artistic progression - nice to see they are learning to work in stages and develop a craft over time. Thanks Ms. Brown!

nacherluver said...

Kudos to you Ms. Brown for your wonderful teaching style and the important messages you share with your students. :)

winnsangels said...

Wonderful! Found the link over at Alisa Burke's. I am so pleased to see what you are doing with her idea.
Beautiful, beautiful community!