Monday, March 29, 2010

Math Monday - Geometry and Spatial Sense

This was supposed to appear a few weeks ago, but somehow never posted....

Geometry and Spatial Sense

Young children need to
1. develop knowledge of geometric principles
2. Recognize and name simple shapes (circle, square, triangle, etc.) in various sizes and positions 3. Classify and sorts different shapes
4. Combine different shapes to make representations or patterns
5. Develop spatial sense
6. Use comparison words correctly (longer, shorter, same length)
7. Use words that describe the relative position of things (on, off, on top of, under, in, out, behind, below, above, between, around, through, across, up, down, near, far)
8. Group objects together that are the same in some way and give reasons for groupings (sort)

Things to do at home:
Use describing and comparing words often.
Play some sorting games (or have your child sort the laundry!)

When your child collects leaves, rocks, shells or other objects, use them to reinforce sorting skills and vocabulary. "You have sorted the rocks into 2 sets, dull and shiny. How many other ways can we classify our rock collection?" (large/small, light/dark, smooth/bumpy etc)

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