Sunday, February 28, 2010

We (heart) the Olympics!

(the red symbol at the top is the flag)

It takes a few weeks for us to warm up and "get into" a subject. The children's interest in the Olympics peaked this week -- because now they have a frame of reference (watching it on tv, and hearing parents and Ms. Brown talk about the Olympics). We discussed a different sport every day, cut pictures out of the newspaper and painted pictures of our favourite sports. We're even learning that song that they play (in Canada) all through the Olympics (I Believe). The junior students told me what to write about their paintings, and the seniors did their own writing. It was really exciting to be able to use a permanent marker! (we painted on glossy paper, so pencil didn't show up well, and regular markers smeared). I've given a few "translations" to make them easier to read. Can you tell that we have been working on our punctuation (periods and exclamation marks)?

(the person at the bottom is watching)

Saskia is playing hockey
He is Bobsledding

The guys are bobsledding.

She is snowboarding.

He is skating.

The men are speed skating.

The girl won a gold medal in figure skating.

He is almost to the finish line.

He is skiing. He won!

She is playing hockey.

The skeleton slider crashed!

She is skating.

(it's hard to see, but the flag in the top has a heart instead of a maple leaf. I didn't show how to do this, she came up with it herself)

On the "Go Canada!" signs, juniors and seniors copied the words. As adults, we don't realize how difficult it is to copy. You look at the word, then have to remember the first letter. Then you have to remember what that letter looks like. Then you print it on your paper. Then you look up and try to remember what letter you are supposed to write next! The card that I wrote was in upper and lower case letters (Go Canada!) . Lower case letters are difficult to print, but we use them because books are written in lower case letters, and we need to know both. The sign that says GO CANADA all in upper case shows me that this child knows a lot. She can see a letter in lower case print and transfer in her mind what it looks like in upper case print, which she is more comfortable printing. She really knows her letters!

(some students haven't finished their paintings or their writing -- I will add those paintings on Monday night)(maybe there will be some gold winning hockey games. Yay, Canada!)

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Elizabeth said...

These paintings are so wonderful martha!! i think that the Olympics especailly when they are in your home country, can offer a wonderful curriculum for so many aspects of life!!! great job you!! I wish that I had you as a teacher and my kids as well. You are a JEWEL!!!!!!