Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scientist in the School

We had so much fun. We learned all about simple machines. The Wedge, Gears, Levers and Incline Planes are all simple machines.

Have your children look at the pictures that we took, and ask them to tell you about the activities!

Scientist Karin was in charge of teaching us about Levers. She started off by showing a teeter totter, and we learned that the lever needs a fulcrum in the centre to move around. We experimented a bit with teeter totters and explored other levers such as a pancake lifter (the bend in the metal or your elbow is the fulcrum); a clothes pin; tongs.Parent volunteers (thanks Albert, John and Michelle!) taught us about Gears. We explored some gears (corkscrew, ice cream scoop, can opener) and then experimented with water. Was it easier and faster to make bubbles using just a spoon -- or using a tool (machine) with a gear (egg beater)? Then we explored some more gears and made gear trains!!Parent (and grandparent) volunteers taught us about Wedges (thanks Rob and Affia!). We explored what instruments would be best to move sand into a cup. Was a ball an easy way to scoop up sand? Did a bubble blower work? How about a shovel? A wedge has a sharp edge, which makes it a good tool. What cuts paper better -- your fingers or some scissors? What pushes into cork easier -- a nail or a screw? What is easier to undo, a button or a zipper? Is it easier to cut playdoh with your hands or with a wheel cutter?Parent volunteers (Thanks Sheila and Tammy!) taught us about Incline Planes. We learned what kind of objects move the best down ramps, what affects how far things roll, and if it makes a difference if the ramp is steep(higher) or not .
Some of our parent volunteers were sick today or had to stay home because their children were sick. Get better soon, everyone! You can join us next time!

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