Sunday, February 12, 2017

Energy in Our Lives

We have been learning about how energy makes things happen!
We have investigated what the sun does for us ( gives us light, heat, solar power and makes things grow :)
We investigated sound energy, heat energy and light energy.
We investigated how energy makes different things move.
We took a tour of the school and saw how we use energy in many different ways.

We also saw how powerful the sun can be. It changed the colour of our paper! We also remembered how the sun can change the colour of our skin -- and that the sun could hurt us so we should wear sunscreen, sunglasses and sunscreen when we are out I need the sun for long periods. Even in the winter! ( because the sun changed the clout of our papers in the winter!)

After learning about energy, we learned that some sources of energy are renewable, and that some can be all used up. We discussed what WE can do to reduce our use of energy, and reduce our impact on the environment.

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