Friday, May 13, 2016

Composing 2 Dimensional Shapes

We have been learning about 2 Dimensional Shapes.
Our Learning Goals for this Unit are:

 First we learned what a polygon is, and then we learned the properties of different polygons.


We added geometry words to our Math Word Wall as we went:

Then we did a warm up -- we had all spent lots of time using pattern blocks, so this wasn't too hard.

Then the problem was introduced.
First we had to talk about how the word "least" has a few different meanings!
And one student asked if the hexagon had to be a "regular" hexagon (excellent question!) No it does not have to be regular!


Then we worked in pairs to solve the problem:
We are really learning how to show our work clearly!

One group found a way to create a hexagon with only 3 pattern blocks! AMAZING!

What we learned:

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