Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Remembrance Day

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We read this book:


It is about a small boy who his asking his grandfather about the war, while they get ready for a Remembrance Day ceremony. It was perfect for our age group. ( I also explained what similies are.... but the concept was a bit confusing) 

We talked about what we would think about during our one ( or two) minute of silence. We spoke of remembering lost loved ones -- or family who we never met. Or of soldiers who helped keep Canada a free country. We talked about what freedom means. 

Our school Remembrance Day ceremony was lovely. One of our teachers ( Mme. Ristick) is a Captain in the reserves! So she accompanied two Kindergarten students up the aisle to lay the wreath. 

Room 15 provided some decorations for the stairwells. 

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