Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day

  We made the most beautiful self portraits for Mothers Day. I wanted to keep them all.... We were asked to display them at Arts Night, but there were some tears because then they wouldn't be surprises... so we kept them in our classroom.

I can't show the whole images, but here are some parts.

First we made neutral coloured collages on cardstock.
Then we added a few pieces of coloured paper. We tried to use strategic placement, so the face wouldn't be obliterated. We also tried to balance the colours around the page.
Then we layered a transparency over the top and finally we stitched it all together using the sewing machine (student steered and I used the foot pedal). This was a really fun project. We will be using the sewing machine again in the near future.....



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Lisa Miller said...

The portraits were beautiful and a great idea. The girls really enjoyed making them and could hardly wait to give them out. I loved them.