Sunday, November 30, 2014

Daily and Seasonal Change

  In science we have been learning about Daily and Seasonal Changes.

First we looked at how our world changes between day and night. How do day and night affect what we do?


We explored thermometers and the temperature.


Then we looked at the weather:

We observed and recorded the weather:

We learned how different kinds of weather affect our everyday lives:

We learned how people prepare for different kinds of weather:

Finally, we are learning about the different seasons and how the seasons affect us.

(We will learn more about each season as it happens)
(We will be learning more about Energy in December when we begin the Energy in Our Lives Science strand)

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p.s. I continue to have difficulties accessing our blog. I cannot access it on the computers at school, and I cannot load proper pictures to it with my phone or my ipad.

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