Sunday, April 6, 2014

Learning to Tell Time

The Grade 1's are learning to tell time to the half hour on digital and analog clocks, and the Grade 2's are currently reviewing this (soon the Grade 2's will learn time to the quarter hour). I wish that our classroom clock had a "second" hand ! (Or an hour hand that worked)( Our minute hand is very accurate).

Take some time to see if your child can tell time to the hour and to the half hour!

Here are some online time games:

Time to the half hour (o'clock and half past):
What Time is it?

An interactive story about time and sequencing (it's a bit slow -- and involves reading parts of the story on the screen:
Get Up and Go!

Time to the quarter hour (chose the right time or the cat will catch the mouse!)
Hickory Dickory Dock

Time to the five minutes (a Third Grade activity for those who are ready!) (This one is quite hard -- you have to read the clock and then stop the clock at the time that the clock says -- you can set the speed of the hands -- I tried at the fasted speed and had to focus really intensely!)
Bang on time

There are also Telling Time Apps for the iPhone and the iPad if your child needs more practice.


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