Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weather Out The Window!

  We are going to be starting something new on the blog!
Each day, our classroom helper will give a weather report. He or she will type out what the weather is like -- and what the temperature is outside.
It will be unedited -- what you see is what they type! For now, posts will be signed with a first initial only -- a permission note will come home tomorrow to ask if it is okay for the students to type their first name.
(When I say unedited, I mean unedited for spelling, typos, sentence structure etc. -- I will ensure no inappropriate content is published)
(These will likely go live in the evenings -- for some reason we are having issues with our blogging host (blogger) at school, so I have to email the posts to myself and post them at home -- hopefully this will resolve itself soon).

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