Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Snow Moon

Part of our study of the seasons included how animals prepare for winter. We also discussed how we prepare for winter, and how our behaviour changes in the winter.

First Snow in the Woods shows animals in the forest getting ready for an early winter. The photographs really showed the children everything that the animals need to do. We loved it. I just found out that there is a movie too!

Over and Under the Snow is a beautiful book which shows what the animals do in the winter. It shows some of the activities that we like to do outside in the winter too!

We also talked about how we can help the animals (especially birds) by putting out bird feeders. We talked about how important it is to keep feeding the birds if you start (if you start feeding the birds in your birdfeeder, then they rely on that food. If you forget to fill your birdfeeder, the birds might starve!)

Our poem of the week is a bit more sombre than our poems have been lately....
(this poem is by Joanne Taylor)

Words of the Week:

Grade 1
bonus word: moon

Grade 2
bonus word: February

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