Monday, January 30, 2012

Math Monday - Geometry - Directional Language

Remember this about Geometry:

The ability to identify and describe shapes, sizes, positions, directions, and movement is important in many work situations, such as construction and design, as well as in creating and understanding art. Becoming familiar with shapes and spatial relationships in their environment will help children grasp the principles of geometry in later grades.

To try at home:
Hide a toy and use directional language to help your child find it. Give clues using words and phrases such as up, down, over, under, between, through, and on top of.

Once they have mastered these, practice left and right.

Ask your child to draw a picture of your street, neighbourhood, or town. Talk about where your home is in relation to a neighbour's home or the corner store. Use directional words and phrases like beside and to the right of.

Then north, south, east and west

(try putting signs up on bedroom walls, or saying "When we leave our house, we are facing South" or "We are going West on the Subway"

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