Thursday, December 15, 2011

Word Wall

These are the words that we have up so far on our Word Wall. These words will remain up on the wall for the rest of the year. These are words that we are practising and, hopefully, all of the Grade 2's will know them all by the end of the year, and the Grade 1's will know most. We also have a math word wall.

We also have a word wall that changes with the seasons, celebrations or science units that we are studying.

In our writing, all of the words that are on the word wall should be spelled correctly. It is a necessary writing strategy to look at the word wall (this is an early form of dictionary). Please remind your child that it is not cheating to copy a word if they can easily look at it or find it in a familiar book!
Here is part of our current Holiday Word Wall (the Hanukah words are off camera)

The students came up with the words as a group, then individually illustrated each word.

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