Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Snow Queen

This week we went on our first real class trip. We took the school bus to the Markham Theatre to see a production of The Snow Queen.

Here is the synopsis:

Kai's heart has been pricked by mirror shards that have fallen from the hands of devilish trolls. His heart is frozen and he is abducted and taken to the palace of the Snow Queen where he is held captive. But Gerda's epic journey to find Kai takes her to the snowy wilds of Lapland and finally to her lost friend to see if she can warm his heart again.

(this wasn't the exact cast that we saw)

Ask your child what his/ her favourite part was. Many of them told me that they liked the singing flowers. They were loud and annoying! (They were supposed to be loud and annoying). At this age they seem to really like loud surprises and slapstick humour :)

All of the children in Room 15 were really well behaved on the school bus and in the theatre. Pats on the back for them all!

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