Thursday, October 13, 2011

Play Day

We had so much fun on Play Day last Friday! The focus was on teamwork and good sportsmanship. Our class was divided into 2 teams ( Team A and Team B) and our teams competed against each other. We really learned to cheer for and support each other -- and to also cheer for the other teams :)

First up was the "Ball between the knees relay" (you had to hop with the ball between your knees around a pylon and back).

Next was the "Egg in the Spoon Relay".

Then we tossed some bean bag animals through the alien's mouths.

Then we did some skipping. We are a bit "skipping challenged" :) I'll have to send skipping ropes out with the students at recess more often!

Then we made two big group circles and held hands. We had to move the hula hoop around the circle without letting go of each others hands. This was my favourite game!

Next up was parachute play. We liked just lifting it up and down, but the game of "Cat and Mousie" was REALLY fun!

Then there was an obstacle course through the playground. It was another relay. It was really fun to watch :)

Then we played a fun game where we stood in a circle with our legs spread apart and pushed (or "batted") a ball at each other, trying to get the ball through someone else's legs.

Next up was a clothes pin relay. Each team had to hop hop hop with clothes pins, trying to get all of their clothes pins pinned onto the coat hanger. We have some really good hoppers in Room 15!

We finished at the game of "Move the water from one bucket to another with a sponge". I was surprised at how good we all were at this.

Afterwards we took a whole group picture of all of the students in their rows of colours. We looked great!

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