Thursday, January 20, 2011

Math 5 Frames

We are using 5 frames to learn some basic number facts.

I asked them to build numbers: "Move 3 counters to the frame"
We used questions like: How many frames are full? How many are empty? How many counters are there? How many more counters do we need to fill the frame?

We are working on developing our number language. I had the juniors each work with senior partners. The juniors did the work (we sat at the carpet and I asked them to show me something), the seniors checked to see if the Jks were correct. If the juniors were not correct, the seniors tried to explain and show how to do it. It was really hard for the SKs not to just jump in and do it! This is really helping to develop our oral language :) ("Put it beside it!" No, on the other side!")

What happens if your frame is full and I give you another counter? (We always put it below and to the left -- just like if we were reading or writing)

We're ready to move to ten and beyond!

(if you would like to try an online 5 Frame activity with your child, click here)


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