Friday, July 2, 2010

Beautiful Stuff

We'll be doing lots of art exploration in our newly expanded "art studio" this year. We'll be collecting small "stuff" to create with. If you are ready to toss anything, consider putting it aside for us.
  • toilet paper rolls
  • clear salad/lettuce containers (boxes) [for storing our stuff]
  • used greeting cards (just the front are fine, but feel free to give the whole card)
  • old calendars (I'll remind you again in December/January)
  • broken calculators (we've pulled a few apart this year and used the buttons in our art)
  • wrapping paper (used) (small bits are fine)
  • tissue paper (again, small bits are fine -- I cut it up)
  • broken jewelry
  • buttons, beads
  • shells, small pieces of driftwood
  • yarn, fabric scraps (small is fine)
  • wallpaper
  • wood scraps
  • small twigs, acorns
  • wire
This year I'm hoping to have lots of parent volunteers helping with the class. Some duties are administrative, some are directly working with the students. Some things will be able to be done at home, and then sent back the next day. Starting in October, I will need a parent to help for 5 or 10 minutes at entry time (am and pm). Please consider giving 5 minutes of your day to help us run our "borrow a book" program!

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