Friday, January 22, 2010


Although we haven't really had packing snow this year, and haven't made our own snowmen, we read quite a bit about snowmen. So we tried to make some inside.......We used large sheets of blue construction paper and first painted a big snowman with a brush and with a sponge. This is another way to practice ordering (a small circle at the top, then a medium circle, then a big circle at the bottom). Actually, most students preferred to make the big circle first at the bottom. I think that's because in real life, you make the big ball first. In painting, however, it just makes you get paint on your sleeves. Sorry about that.....
They are glittery, but you can't tell from the photos.Then we added lots of stuff!
Ask your child what book we got our ideas from (Snowballs)
We are hanging these up in the classroom. They are so bright and colourful, and make our class such a happy place!


Shona Cole said...

Thanks for the peek into your classroom. These snowmen are adorable.

thanks for stopping by my giveaway on my blog.

A bird in the hand said...
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