Sunday, September 13, 2009

We're all here!

The furniture is all set up, and the children have arrived. Unfortunately, my voice has disappeared. But life went on , and we made it through the first week, with many smiles and very few tears.

This is an example of our daily message. Sometimes our message is just informational, and sometimes we read it more in depth. Many of the new Junior students have already learned to "read" parts of the message. They know that the first line might say "Hi Boys and Girls", or "Hi Girls and Boys". They can look at the icon above the word, and in a month or so we'll drop the icon because they'll know that Boy is the word that starts with B, and Girl Starts with G. Gym has a gym shoe icon above it. Love has a heart. Ms. Brown is written with brown marker. The message usually says who the helper of the day is. The helper will take the message home (in the Thursday folder). It's a great tool to use at home to learn sight words, upper and lower case letters, spacing between words, and punctuation. We didn't make it through all of these books this week (with new students arriving daily, and Ms Brown losing her voice) but we'll have them all read by the end of next week (plus many more!)(don't forget to click on the pictures to see them larger!)

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